Gilbert & Gaillard: The french experts on wine


Our multimedia group is dedicated to promoting and recommending quality wines mirroring the expertise of passionate men and women and encapsulating sense of place.

The group was founded in 1989 by Philippe Gaillard and François Gilbert who began their career as series directors for publishing house Presses de la Cité. In 1991, they began to publish their own guides and magazines. Today they head a multimedia group dedicated to wine that has offices in 22 countries. The Gilbert & Gaillard group is totally independent and wholly owned by its founders.

Philippe Gaillard

Philippe Gaillard : Born into a winemaking family in Touraine in the Loire valley, Philippe studied winemaking and oenology and later became the sales director of a major French wine distributor. He has run the Gilbert & Gaillard group since 1989.

François Gilbert

François Gilbert : With a PhD and higher teacher diploma in geography, François rapidly specialised in the study of wine terroirs. After teaching for 15 years, he decided to focus entirely on his passion for wine. He has run the Gilbert & Gaillard group since 1989.

Our team


  • Sylvain Patard

    Sylvain Patard :  After studying literature, Sylvain got his start in wine in 1986 by organizing a wine tasting and buying club at the magazine where he worked at the time. In 1994, he joined Gilbert & Gaillard and is now editor-in-chief of the group’s magazine and wine guides.

  • Gwendoline Jobelot

    Gwendoline Jobelot : Boasting several years’ experience in marketing and sales development in the publishing industry, Gwendoline’s passion for wine led her to join the team at Gilbert & Gaillard in February 2013. She is the group’s sales and marketing director.

  • Frédéric Comet

    Frédéric Comet : Joined Gilbert & Gaillard in 2009. Based in Gironde, he is responsible for the Bordeaux region.

  • Nicolas Sanseigne

    Nicolas Sanseigne : A member of the Gilbert & Gaillard team since 2009, Nicolas is based in Montpellier and responsible for Languedoc-Roussillon, the Rhone Valley and Provence.

  • Maud Sauer

    Maud Sauer : A native of Champagne, Maud gained hands-on experience in several different wine regions after obtaining a diploma in wine growing and oenology in Roussillon. She joined us as Gilbert & Gaillard’s regional manager for the Loire Valley and South-West France.


  • Irene Graziotto

    Irene Graziotto : A certified AIS sommelier, wine judge and writer, Irene has been working in the Italian wine business for a decade. Across-the-board education and experience in tourism have strenghten her communication skills. She works now as an International Press Officer and she is a regular contributor to several Italian and foreign publications (Il Sommelier Veneto, Drinks+, La Stanza del Vino, I Grandi Vini). From 2016 she is the Italian correspondent of Gilbert & Gaillard. 


  • Evelyn Israel

    Evelyn Israel :

  • Sophie L'Homme

    Sophie L'Homme : Sophie holds a Masters Degree in Wine from OIV and boasts extensive experience in the wine industry, primarily in Italy, Spain and Mexico. She has joined Gilbert & Gaillard to ramp up our presence on the ground and engage with producers across the Spanish wine regions. She is a firm believer in Gilbert & Gaillard’s determination to successfully promote award-winning wines in export markets and is taking charge of the Spanish market from her base in Madrid.


  • Jamal Rayyis

    Jamal Rayyis : A writer based in New York, Jamal is a wine critic and teacher. He is the author of seven editions of the annual ‘Food & Wine Magazine Wine Guide’ (2002-2008) and contributed to many publications: Food & Wine Magazine, Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Fodors ... He is now a member of the Gilbert & Gaillard tasting panel in the USA.

 Using multimedia to promote your wines

global.en 4 langues et éditent un <strong>magazine</strong> consacré au vin en France et dans plus de 25 pays à travers le monde. Ils constituent aujourd’hui un groupe multimedia entièrement dédié au vin présent sur tous les vecteurs de communication.

The Guides :

The Guides :

Wine guides: One print edition in French

  • Updated once a year at the end of the summer
  • Readership of 60,000 per guide
  • Distribution partners : : Le Seuil-La Martinière in France and French-speaking regions; Brown Books in North America; Starbook Sales in the rest of the world.
  • The two print editions are distributed in French-speaking countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Quebec) and English-speaking countries (the United States, Canada, Northern Europe, Asia and the UK).



A TOTALLY REVISED, bespoke website in 9 languages

  • Geared to promoting producers and their wines on a daily basis : wine selections, grower portraits, international wine industry news, food and wine pairings and wine education
  • Over 90,000 visits a month
  • Search engine optimisation and purchase of key words
  • 30,000 fans on Facebook

The Magazine

The Magazine

The international magazine in English

  • Quarterly, with a print-run of 167,000 copies
  • Ranks 2nd worldwide
  • International distribution in newsagents
  • Targeted distribution - in wine stores, wine bars, 5-star hotels, luxury venues and gourmet restaurants.